A land of schist

The village of Cabrières lays off the beaten track, set away from major roads.  Located behind the last foothills of the Montagne Noire, it boasts a great diversity of scenery and is geologically complex.  The surrounding hilly landscape, with its steep and gentle slopes and small hidden valleys. is overshadowed by the Pic de Vissou.

This specific location has a multitude of landscapes : from vineyard terrraces to woodlands, there is a wealth of plant life and  other treasures. The Cabrières vineyards are located on lands where the overwhelming presence of schist plays a significant rôle in the balance of the wines produced, contributing to their suppleness, silky tannins and crispy fruitiness.

The hills bordering on the Boyne and related streams are for the most part occupied by vineyards.  Higher up, the parcels are spread out amongst the fragrant garrigue, with its strong scents that give the Cabrières wines their specific bouquet.  The local wildlife and plant life are protected and the area is home to rare and precious species which demonstrate the integration of all elements into the formation of a balanced ecosystem.